• If bulbs or flat panel fixtures are purchased from Beyond Words for the assessed facility, the assessment will be discounted 50%.                               
  • Any assessed facility in which Beyond Words completes the installation, but with a competitors materials, will be discounted 50%.             
  • If bulbs/flat panels and installation are purchased through Beyond Words the assessment costs are waved and are fully credited toward the project final cost proposal.                                           
  • Parking lots for assessed facilities will also be assessed at a flat rate of $700, if requested. Parking lot assessments and estimates will be presented as a separate proposal unless a combine proposal is requested by the customer.

* Actual costs depend on number of bulbs/fixtures, number retrofitted, height of fixtures, invoor vs. outdoor, etc. A firm estimate will be provided in advance.


How will Beyond Words assess your facility?​

Estimated Assessment Costs (dependent on facility lighting design)*

  • Estimated savings from lighting retrofits will include the cost of the assessment.                                                        
  • Assessment costs are set by the days required and the size of the facility to be assessed. Smaller facilities are mores costly per square foot due to travel costs. A list of cost estimates can be found in the table below.
  • Assessments can be performed for any facility with more than 25,000 square feet of lighted area, anywhere in the continental U.S.                                  
  • Beyond words uses the "Snap Count" program to complete assessments, and will provide a signed profile with recommendations, savings estimates, and a proposal for using our products and installation services.