This sleek linear LED fixture combines an amazing 160 degrees of light distribution with a sleek, stylish design. Ideal for any environment, indoor or outdoor, that needs high output illumination. The lightweight aluminum housing can hang or mount just about anywhere. You get exceptional high powered SMD5630 G2 LED performance with amazing lumen output. Key features include a milk white, smooth polycarbonate diffuser and silicon sealed.

Efficacy: <100 Lumens per watt

Luminous flux: >18,700 lumens

​- Vandal Resistant -

​This versatile linear platform LED fixture sets the standard for lighting high abuse public areas by providing both impressive optic broadcasting and rugged, tamper-proof design. Ideal for locker rooms, restrooms, stairwells campuses, hospitals and more. The tamper and impact resistant lens is standard.

Key features include instant on at full output and accommodates occupancy sensors or other controls.

Efficacy: From 100 to 111 Lumens per watt