• Our firm was derived by our desire to provide additional options to the government contracting system at a time when Op Tempo is still high and funding levels are being reduced. We quickly realized that this goal is equally relevant to private and public business, so we expanded our capabilities to include all three.

  • ​All of our products are 'Energy Star' certified by the Department of Energy.​

  • ​Our warranties are designed to provide assurance to the customer, and faith in the durability and reliability of our products.

  • Beyond Words, LLC can ship products directly to the project location, anywhere in the world.

  • We are partnered with two U.S. based manufacturers, including UNICOR industries, and a direct sales a foreign manufacturer to cover all customer needs and requirements.

  • We adhere to all federal, state, and local environmental requirements. Whenever possible, we recycle discarded materials locally.

  • We are a disable​​​​d veteran-owned and operated company, and many of our project managers are combat veterans with significant construction training and experience.

  • ​With twenty-plus years of writing, soliciting, awarding, and managing government contracts and related projects, we believe there is room in the system for growth. There is a legitimate need for additional business partners who are able to provide quality products that meet federal requirements and standards at reasonable prices.

  • At the same time, the private and public arena for LED retrofits is unstable and erratic. Products are constantly evolving, and prices, warranties, and product quality are all over the map. It is our intent to offer the best value to our customers by providing state-of-the-art products with solid warranties at a price that ensures savings over current lighting methods.

We are knowledgeable!

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A little about Beyond Words, LLC

  • Our pricing allows for a reasonable return on investment by the customer. All of our products are designed to pay for themselves within normal life, through a combination of energy savings and reduced replacement costs.

  • We have considerable understanding of federal, state, and local unity rebates for materials. We will process requirements for consideration of rebate funds, which can lead to significant savings to the customer in the final costing.

  • Our sub-contractors are hired locally, based on the location of the project and availability of qualified contractors. We believe in supporting the local community whenever possible. Customer recommendations are welcome. We understand the benefit of hiring someone you already know and trust.

  • To see a cost-benefit example, go to the Sample Calculations tab.

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