Cancellation and Return Policy

Our order cancellation policy is based on the timing of the request, and is as follows

  1. Prior to manufacture- If the order is cancelled before materials are shipped, all funds will be returned to the customer, minus a three percent (3%) processing fee .
  2. Prior to shipment- If for any reason the customer requests the cancellation of an order (in part or in its entirety), prior to receiving goods, the shipment will be cancelled and funding will be returned to the customer, minus costs incurred by Beyond Words and the materials provider, Solas Ray, plus a three percent (3%) processing fee.
  3. Following shipment and prior to installation- If for any reason the order is canceled after shipment is received by the customer but prior to installation, the shipment will be returned and funding will be returned to the customer, minus costs incurred by Beyond Words and the materials provider, Solas Ray, plus a ten percent (10%) cancellation fee.
  4. Material shipment error- If for any reason the materials received are damaged or do not match the customers material request, Beyond Words, through the Solas Ray warranty, will provide replacement materials, and will provide a means for returning the original materials at no cost to the customer.  The full Solas Ray warranty is listed within this website.

Our return policy is as follows:

  1. Once materials are received by the customer and installed, requests for returns will be honored only under the following conditions.​
    1. The bulb/fixture purchased under the warranty fails within the five year period that begins the day the shipment is    received by the customer.
    2. The bulb/fixture output falls below seventy percent (70%) of the rated lumens within the five year warranty period.
    3. If Beyond Words, or installers contracted by Beyond Words, complete installation of the bulbs/fixtures, and failure occurs due to improper installation within the install warranty period (typically one year), Beyond Words will work with the installation firm to repair the fault and replace the affected bulbs/fixtures.​                                                                           
  2. Under the conditions listed in 1.1-3, replacement bulbs/fixtures will be provided at no cost to the customer through the following process:
    1. The customer alerts Beyond Words that bulbs have failed.  If reserve bulbs were provided at installation, the customer will be required to certify all available bulbs were used previously.
    2. Beyond Words will work with Solas Ray to order and ship replacement bulbs. 
    3. The customer will be provided labels and materials that cover the cost of returning the failed bulbs/fixtures.  If the number of bulbs returned does not match the number requested, plus the total number of reserve units, the customer will be billed for the cost of the difference.
    4. Replacement bulbs will be shipped directly to the location of the original shipment, at no cost to the customer.
    5. Our return/replacement policy does not include the cost to remove the failed unit or to install the replacement, unless the failure is caused by faulty installation and occurs within the installation warranty period.  In the case of bulbs, removal and installation requires no special training or equipment.  In the case of flat panels, low or high bay lights, wallpacks or area lights, it is recommended that the customer utilize profession services with certified electricians.  Failure to do so could nullify the warranty for any and all affected bulbs/fixtures.
    6. Replacement bulbs are warrantied for the remaining period of the original shipment, so that the five year warranty period is the same for all existing materials.​